LARP "Nordic Equinox 2016", Estonia, 11.-14. August
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Author:  Ancalagon [ 2016-03-20 4:33 ]
Post subject:  LARP "Nordic Equinox 2016", Estonia, 11.-14. August

It is time once again my friends.

Nordic Equinox 2016 registration and ticket sales have started.

Nordic Equinox is an iconic Estonian/International fantasy larp that has been hosted annually for over a decade now. From year to year, in addition to local players there are always groups attending from neighboring countries. Steadily rising in popularity it has become the biggest larp event in Estonia and definitely one of the biggest in Baltics.

It is a 4 day game full of beautiful scenery, great props, heartwarming adventure, exploration and wonder. But also adrenaline filled battles, intricate strategic maneuvering, overwhelming victories and crushing defeats.
There are two hosts vying for power. Within those hosts are four in-game camps that are wholly governed by players themselves. Each of the camps has its own quests and challenges to overcome, which do tie in to a single plot line. Since it is a very large event do not expect to solve all its mysteries on your own (or even be able to), you will need to interact with one or all the camps to get things done.

There is a lot for a role player to do if you are willing to make the effort and communicate with others. Adventure is everywhere on Nordic Equinox - you will have to find it yourself though.

If you are interested in good fights you'll be glad to know that the outcome of the battles and the power struggle between factions is only controlled by the actions of players. The hosts are not artificially balanced nor battles railroaded. It is up to you to join and throw your support to a faction. Your actions might be the deciding factor and you can really test yourself against others.

If you wish for a strong starting position with a well organized host - join Darkness. Host of Darkness has won slightly more than lost and lately have upped their game winning many conflicts for the last three years. But similarly the power structure within its ranks is rather rigid, you will be fighting alongside highly skilled, disciplined and ruthless allies. Your own ambitions (or even yourself) might get crushed together with the enemies.

If you wish for a challenge and a chance to rise to power quickly - join Light. Host of Light has had to submit to Darkness for the last three years but before that they have won many times. The time is ripe for strong new leaders or groups to unite the fractured host and strike back. However "overwhelming odds" are not called that without a reason - hordes of dark elves, orcs, (half)demons, undead dwarves and evil men are not going to walk away from the contest just because you show spunk and zeal.


If you are interested, be sure to visit us at: to learn more.

And please do share our web-page and Facebook event ( whoever you think might be interested. Since Nordic Equinox is an international game, every single piece of information is available in English as well, but if you do have questions I will be happy to answer them.

On behalf of NE organizing team,
Yours truly,

Allan Bernard

Author:  Ancalagon [ 2016-06-23 4:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: LARP "Nordic Equinox 2016", Estonia, 11.-14. August

The introduction of Nordic Equinox roleplay for this year:

If you do not wish to write your own character you can just contact us. We have several NPC characters available (cheaper tickets) as well as some sweet pre-written player characters.

Author:  Ancalagon [ 2016-08-25 16:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: LARP "Nordic Equinox 2016", Estonia, 11.-14. August

Nordic Equinox 2016 was a resounding success. With 227 people involved it is currently the biggest Estonian larp.

Host of light managed to win a well-earned victory after three years of defeat. Hosts where extremely even with about 100 combatants on both side.

Main storyline progressed as well and players managed to seal the gates to the abyss (which White Brotherhood left open after their incursion into the underworld the year before) and end that threat.

It took a lot of effort and politics to get that done and garner support from all the camps. Several contracts where made for the next year which should prove interesting.

Aside from that, however... dwarves and men managed to dig deep enough in a mine to release a Beholder. It took the concerted effort of both hosts (and a cannon) to bring the aberration down.
The cult of the Necromancer (who was herself destroyed three years ago) was finally defeated and the last of their ritual circles and altars broken. With them gone the undead infestation on The Battlegrounds should lessen or disappear completely.

Giant spiders and Ettercups remained reclusive but unfortunately still remain.

Check out some of the pictures:

Nordic Equinox 2017 awaits all of you and will take place on 10. 11. 12. 13. of August. More information on the game webpage or in FB group.

Last but not least, check out the Beholder fight video:

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